Title: Nappily Ever After
Author: Tristan Thomas
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Broadway books
Release Date: December 5, 2000
Format: Hardback
Pages: 320 pages

Nappily ever after is from Tristan Thomas Nappily series. It is centered on a young successful woman Venus Johnson, she had the perfect job, hair and man but why wasn’t everything falling into place?

From birth, she was taught how an ideal woman should be, how her hair should be worn in a straight way, how to walk and act and the kind of ideal man she should be with. 

How to behave and follow the usual pattern of high school, then college, then career, then husband and children. Venus wanted more than that, she wanted to explore and experience life in a different way, far from the regular norms of society.

The author went on to show us how society forces us to do things in a way that will make us “fit” into its standards so that we can be accepted as normal. 

The pressure to conform is something that most of us have felt since we were old enough to know what perfection is. We’ve been pushed on all sides to try and be something we’re not, just to fit in with society’s standards.
Society wants us to be a picture perfect replica of some kind of doll. 

We have to be smart, beautiful, funny, talented, fit, sociable, and so much more, just to be considered worth someone’s time.

“The realization of the fact that I didn’t need Clint to feel this happiness made me laugh. At first it came out in a soft giggle, followed by an honest deep belt of laughter. I would be okay. Simple as that, everything would be fine. Like the natural order of the elements, in their perfection and imperfections, like this sea in its ability to provide beauty and warmth and just as quickly create a natural disaster. Storms pass, winds die down, and rain stops falling eventually. I would be all right. Proud that I didn’t need to be the account manager at Donnely Kramer, proud that I didn’t need hair flowing down my back. All I needed was what I had, me. I was grateful for me. I had no right to depend on Clint to make me feel this way. Something so powerful weighing on one man’s shoulders.

Venus did not allow society’s definition of a proper and ideal woman to define who she truly was. This book is about self-esteem, it shows what every woman, race, colour and religion go through as some point in their lives. It’s about change.

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I love this book mainly because I could relate to the character and also because I have been on a journey of self-discovery this year.
Nappily ever after isn’t a boogie chick lit book but it is an every woman book that shows women that you can’t love someone else if you don’t love yourself first. You should read it too.

Janet John

Janet John

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