How-To have a nice Instagram Experience

We have a lot of fun on Instagram, but they can also experience plenty of negativity. A new guide aims to inform us on the tools and security measures that can help.

In your homes, chances are you practically live your lives almost entirely on apps, and Instagram is at the top of your list. And whether you post daily, weekly, or just use it to talk to friends—or strangers—as adults, you need to be in the know about how we use these tools for good.

And it really is necessary. A recent Pew Research survey that shows a whopping 72% of teens say they use Instagram—second only to YouTube—with 15% of them saying they use it more than other social media.
Social media as a whole—including Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, and other apps—can be both beneficial and negative, according to teens’ responses to the survey.

Things like connecting with others and finding news, were the top positives, while bullying/rumor-spreading and harming relationships were the top two negatives aspects.

During an interview with an Instagram user, he reported that there is another way of online bully on Instagram, he said “You can make a fake Instagram account called a finsta and use it to bully, tag, and say mean things about people, and no one will know where it’s coming from.”

Don’t be a victim

While many laughed and tried not to seem bothered by this, it is pretty clear it did. Whenever someone says something bad about you, even if it’s coming from an account no one cares about, We all agree it’s hurtful and does affect our self-esteem.

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What’s the next step?

  1. Write out the list of words that are offensive to you and you will like to block from your Instagram.
  2. Report an account for bad behavior if necessary.
  3. Monitor your time on the app.
Report it

Having an awesome Instagram experience should be the goal as you continue sharing and celebrating your life through photos, videos and messaging.

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Ubon Patrusm

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